The world doesn’t stand still. Neither should your brand. We merge left-brain business savvy, analytics and technical expertise with right-brain intuition, curiosity and psychology to incubate, execute and create solutions to human problems. Our work sparks ideas, experiences, platforms, and business models.


We know what you’re thinking. No, really. At Intermark Group, we continuously refresh our perspectives on how to harness psychological insight to impact brand success. Please explore just a couple ways in which we’re delving into deep water thinking to benefit our clients.


No other ad agency thinks quite the way we do. What makes us so unique? We combine applied psychology with group imagination.

Applied psychology is an everyday practice at Intermark. We delve into how people really think, feel and act. We’re after the truly unique consumer insights that will give our work an extraordinary advantage.


Most strategic marketers spend a great deal of time developing and talking about “Insights” within their brand ecosystems (the competition, the product, the media mix, and of course the consumer.) The problem is, many so called consumer insights are often merely observations about WHAT people think and do. Certainly interesting. Sometimes helpful. Just, when it’s all said and done, not particularly insightful.


True insight reveals WHY people think and behave the way they do. Our “Insight Team” is charged with both understanding the “WHY” as well as identifying HOW we can leverage persuasive psychology to shape a particular action. This is the underpinning behind all the work we do at Intermark.


Our group imagination comes from handing over such insights to our diverse and talented team. We have experts in marketing, digital, social, PR, media, and our own production studio – all under one roof. That wide range of creative discipline helps us see all the capabilities of your brand. And that 360-degree thinking leads to smarter and better-connected ideas.


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We want clients who want to do truly amazing things. Our agency wants to build brands with those who have as high of expectations as we do. Clients like these:

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