Psychological Insight

People give very little thought to office furniture. To most, it’s merely functional, and definitely lacking in pizazz.


Does anyone really think much about office furniture? A desk, a couple of chairs…big deal, right? But considering the American work force sits in their cubicles and offices eight hours a day for five days a week, well, it should matter. Office furniture sales people know how important the category is, but they know its limitations with a wide audience. Could one campaign appeal to both audiences?

Brand Strategy: Make office furniture a high interest category by investing the communications with relatable messages about function, price and reliability that everyone, consumers and sales force, can appreciate.

Creative Idea: Intermark created a spokesman for the brand - Jack McCracken, super salesman. He would be Office Furniture USA’s guru and true believer, advocating all there is to love about office furniture. And he’d appeal to both the sales force and the consumer with his savvy spiel about great products and their affordable prices. McCracken became the star of every piece of communication, from print ads to radio to point-of-sale.

Market Results: Dealer recruitment rose by 40%. Consumer click through rates were four times the national average and sales increased too, by a whopping 22%. And more dealers requested Office Furniture USA point-of-sale materials than any previous campaign ever had before.