Psychological Insight

Most consumers regard regional theater as second-tier entertainment, but by teasing their curiosity we could stimulate exploration


We convinced Red Mountain Theatre that their promotions needed to be as entertaining as their shows. They needed to do more than posters for each show. They needed to create buzz and anticipation well before the shows opened. And they needed to do some simple PR stunts to get people talking about this upstart Birmingham theater company.

Brand Strategy: Change how people think about regional theater by treating Red Mountain Theatre shows as a much bigger production worthy of their attention.

Creative Idea: Intermark decided to do something that hadn’t been done with regional theater in Alabama before. We launched a teaser campaign about each Red Mountain show weeks in advance to create buzz. Our ads made witty comparisons between each upcoming show and a hot topic in the pop culture. And analogous PR stunts built off each show’s theme solidified the idea that something big was happening at Red Mountain.

Market Results: Every single production for three successive seasons was sold out before any show had opened. And the Addy Awards honored the campaign two years in a row.