Psychological Insight

When a couple is expecting, a new baby isn’t the only one being born. New parents are too.


St. Vincent’s in Birmingham, Alabama has a sterling reputation as the best place for baby care in the state. Yet, many don’t realize that St. Vincent’s offers a ton of programs and benefits for the expectant parents before, during and after the birth of their child. To become even more invaluable to new families, St. Vincent’s needed to make its case beyond the birth experience.

Brand Strategy St. Vincent’s is not only the place in Alabama for expectant mothers; it’s also ultimately the greatest resource for both parents before, during and after the birth of their child.

Creative Idea The life of a new baby’s parents completely changes with its birth. They see everything through the lens of their child. Intermark created a 360-degree campaign called “Where Parents Are Born” that establishes St. Vincent’s as the hospital that gets exactly what all parents go through.

And that’s why they offer more parenting and baby-care programs than any other hospital in the state.

Market Results St. Vincent’s increased its brand preference with consumers by more than 50%, vaulting it ahead of UAB into the #1 position overall.  St. Vincent’s also became the unrivaled leader in top-of-mind awareness for maternity care and other women’s health services.