Psychological Insight

The rural South wouldn’t readily buy into a tough American truck story delivered by an import.


Farmers and construction workers in the South weren’t buying Toyota Tundra trucks because names like Ford and Chevy not only had better reputations for toughness, but they were American icons as well. Intermark would have to create work that earned instant cred for Toyota with this resistant target.

Brand Strategy: Build the Southern audience’s trust for Toyota Tundra via testimonials delivered by their peers.

Creative Idea: Intermark realized that an audience of qualified endorsers would break through with the skeptics. Our “True Stories” campaign demonstrated just how tough and reliable Toyota’s fleet was by calling on true truckers to tell their personal stories. We interviewed over 7,000 truckers and received vivid testimonials from them endorsing the Toyota Tundra.

Marketing Results: Tundra sales increased by over 50%, and Toyota’s market share grew from 18% to 25% in the region. In fact, the Gulf States region became the number one Tundra market in the nation. So much so, it beat the next two regions combined.