By: Mary Kathryn Woods, Small Business Account Executive

Blogging is no longer the late-night habit of loners looking for attention and unloading their opinions. In fact, blogging is an effective marketing tool for your business. You’re probably thinking, “What would my business blog about?” or “Who would read a blog about [insert boring topic here]?” But these four benefits of business blogging will debunk your blogging doubts.  

Having a business blog:

1.       Generates valuable content.

Say goodbye to searching the Internet for shareable and appropriate content. Having a blog consistently provides your business with valuable, relevant and branded content to share in your email marketing efforts and on your social media pages. After all, content IS king.

2.       Establishes authority.

An effective business blog establishes authority by providing customers with valuable and helpful content. Whether it highlights the products and/or services your business provides or answers frequently asked questions from your customers, a blog establishes thought leadership within your industry and builds trust among your customers. With a business blog, you can become your industry’s and customers’ go-to resource.

3.       Showcases personality.

A business blog can do more than provide valuable information. It can also showcase the personality of your company and connect customers to your brand. This perspective differentiates your company, and customers often don’t get to see it through general marketing and advertising efforts. Remember, people prefer to do business with humans.

4.       Drives website traffic.

Blogging is an easy and effective way to drive more traffic to your website. Search engines LOVE new content. With each new blog post, you create a new opportunity for your company to show up in search engines and for readers to click to your website for more information. With more traffic coming to your site, you’ll have more opportunities to convert the traffic into leads. 

All in all, blogging provides your business with a unique opportunity to build credibility, increase website traffic and make connections with customers. What’s not to love about that?

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