CMO Minute: Marketing and Consumer Trends in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic spread throughout the world in 2020 and changed many aspects of people’s lives. Each individual was impacted in multiple ways spanning across the education, health care, shopping, travel, and entertainment industries.  Overall, the pandemic resulted in an acceleration of many pre-existing societal trends. For example, online education grew, and telehealth and telemedicine … Continued Read more →

Why I Love Working in Social Media

Everyone wants something to ‘go viral,’ infecting the internet with their brand and message. However, this isn’t all we want… so here is why I love social media, and why you should too!

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Breaking In Is Hard to Do

Make the most of your college experience and don’t be afraid to do something that your peers aren’t doing. It might be what puts you ahead of the hundreds of other applicants in the end.

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Intern Q&A

Hear from Sam, this summer's Digital Insights Intern, to see what an Intermark internship is really like.

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