Digital Experiences Are On The Rise

Experiences help create memorable impactful impressions of brands and products. With the rise of digital apps and access to the internet, it's important to think about how online digital experiences can be incorporated within real-world experiences to enrich them. Read more →

Streaming: Everybody’s Doing It?

Over 2/3 of TV and video watched by Millennials and GenXers is accounted for by non-traditional methods, meaning smartphones and streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV, etc). Read more →

How Do I Build a Website?

Websites can be designed through various methods such as simple Content Management Systems like Wix, or they can be built from the ground up. For example, when buying a house, you can choose a basic cookie-cutter house that looks just like all the other houses in the neighborhood, or you can build your own. Read more →

How Much Does A Website Cost?

Modern-day businesses must have a digital presence to stay relevant. According to Junto in 2019, 61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site. Read more →

Terms for Success in Digital Marketing

In the ever-evolving business world, the digital marketing landscape continues to rapidly change, thanks to advances in technology and innovation. To maintain your competitive advantage in the digital age, I have created a cheat sheet of need-to-know acronyms.

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ALLOY’s New Product

Last month, Alloy, the technology arm of Intermark Group, announced their newest product collaboration, SignCommand, an easy-to-use LED sign management product suite. The product launched in early January as the next generation in remote management of LED signs.

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