Who’s Watching Cable?

Sports fans and older-aged adults still turn to cable. Live sports are credited with saving cable amongst the younger and middle-aged adults. Read more →

Is CBS Dropping Nielsen?

CBS is usually making news headlines about leading in ratings and viewership, but their headlines now are about a move that could threaten their ability to even talk about their ratings leadership. 

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The Psychology of Negotiating Media

Media planning and buying involve psychology in a wide variety of ways, from understanding the motivation of consumers to better target their interests, to influencing co-workers and clients...

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What to Know About SEO

Everyone wants to rank at the top of search engines, but are you doing everything that it takes? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a constantly evolving business. There are always new updates and rules set by Google Algorithm.

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Is Google Adwords Certification Worth It?

This certification communicates an agency’s level of expertise and experience in paid search. Here at Intermark Group we have a team certified in paid search to help you reach your destination in a cost-effective way whether that’s increasing overall brand awareness or conversions.

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