In the South, we love football season. Whether that love stems from an alma mater or short checkout lines at the grocery store, this time of year is a winner. We asked Intermark employees what their favorite thing about the season was. Here’s what they said:

“Being able to go shopping — grocery, Costco, mall — with many fewer people around.” – Lynn Worrel

“Football-themed food!” – Julie LaForce

“Tailgating with friends and family is my favorite part of football season … even tailgating with opposing teams’ fans is fun in the South. Food, old rivalries and friends make Saturdays great!” – Lauren Bland

“The Walk of Champions before The University of Alabama football games. The music mixed with the intensity of the fans gives me chills every time! Also, because I get a hug from #75 :)” – Nikki Hegstetter

“When you’re an Alabama fan, what’s not to love about football season? But for me, it’s a hard tie between tailgating and the pre-game show. My perfect Saturday isn’t complete without a ton of good food enjoyed on the Quad with hundreds of other fans. However, there’s nothing like a night game in Bryant-Denny. As a former member of the Million Dollar Band, I still can’t help but get chills when the band steps off for the pre-game show. Over all, I guess the best thing about football season is winning national titles, but that goes without saying. :P” – Hillary McDaniel

“Watching the game with friends.” – John Oney

“Hot days, cool nights and a lot of Waaaaar Eagles :)” – Kat Davis

“Being in Jordan-Hare Stadium as the band enters the field and seeing the eagle circle the stadium!” – Sharon Neill

“Saturday is a great day to run errands. No traffic. No lines at the stores. I really get my life back on track during football season.” – Joel Lugar

“I love, love, love the ability to get so creative with the food — be it new dips, innovative sliders or just some amazing grill work. I love entertaining and seeing people happy and full of awesome food!” – Lindsay Sutton

“Spending game day at my sister’s house with our family. And winning, of course! RTR!” – Shea Posey

“The absence of traffic on Saturdays. It’s very easy to get around down here on game days.” – Aaron Carter

“The friends and family that football season brings together for fun game days! Roll Tide!” –Mary Kathryn Woods

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