Marketing can play a critical role in ensuring that the customer’s needs stay aligned with brands, that trust is established, and that customers turn into fans. As the largest psychology driven marketing firm in the U.S., we have extensive experience generating unique insights about the customer that can help brands generate greater engagement with their customers and stay at the top of their customers minds. Below, we highlight some key psychological insights that can help companies engage with their audience along with examples of how Intermark Group has leveraged these insights in our work.

Unique Insight: We value authentic brands that relate to us. 

Example with The History Channel: Intermark partnered with the History Channel to help turn a niche network into a more meaningful destination with a broader audience. We increased engagement by creating a campaign that places surprising historical facts within a simple, more accessible context for a younger audience, increasing viewership by 15% among this group in the first month:

Example with Toyota Tundra: The rural south wouldn’t readily buy into a tough American truck delivered by an import. To address this issue, we talked with over 7,000 truckers to obtain authentic, vivid, personal stories about their experience with the truck. This led to a 50% increase in Tundra sales in the region.

Unique Insight: We want companies to treat us with empathy, not as a number on a spreadsheet. 

Example with St. Vincent’s Medical: Our campaign for St. Vincent’s Medical is based on the psychological insight that people expect only the basic services from their providers, and those who go above and beyond will have a distinct advantage. In our print, out of home and digital campaigns for St. Vincent’s Medical, we used compelling imagery so people instantly recognize that St. Vincent’s supports people’s emotional well-being. 

Unique Insight: We fear missing out.

Humans are one of the most social among all of the species, and we feel real psychological distress when we miss out on connecting with others. 

Example with Talladega: We created an “I Was There” campaign that depicted a NASCAR fan bragging about how he was there for all the unforgettable “water cooler” moments that happened on the big weekend. We reminded the viewers that Talladega is a “you gotta be there” experience where anything can happen on the track and in the stands. 

Example with the University of Alabama Supe Store: Students are eager to absorb everything about the school experience, especially students at the University of Alabama. Faced with competition from online stores and other bookstores, we set out to include the Supe Store as an important experience of college life. We created a mascot called Flip The Book that rivaled Alabama’s Big Al mascot and featured the mascot in posters, promotions, PR appearances, and in-store events, resulting in a tripling of sales. 

Unique Insight: What stands out gets noticed; what blends in gets ignored. 

Example with Mohawk Flooring: The typical carpet demonstration is boring and expected. Mohawk Flooring needed something more memorable, so we created the “SmartStrand Challenge” for their new SmartStrand carpets. We carpeted the cages of six elephants, three camels and a rhino and then live-streamed their activities for two weeks. 

This helped bring a large audience together to see that these carpets could resist some pretty tough stains. 

Example with Rita’s Shaved Ice: This campaign was developed based on the psychological insight that variety and novelty excite frozen treat category users. By reinventing Rita’s brand and promotions, we enhanced the social currency of Rita’s and enticed thousands of customers to recognize Rita’s shaved ice as a dessert alongside our traditional favorite dessert categories like ice cream.

Unique Insight: Embracing our anxiety and imperfection leads to action.

Example with Physicians Mutual: Our campaign for Physicians Mutual is based on the psychological insight that individuals experience anxiety about their retirement future, and this leads to avoidance. We confronted this issue directly by depicting someone exposed (in their underwear) in public and emphasizing that Physicians Mutual understands individual’s insecurity, which helps eliminate avoidance and gets them to take action:  

Example with Bonnie Plants: Everyone has killed a plant or two, so Intermark decided to create a darkly humorous campaign about such failings. We cast everyday people in the role of “killers” having their mug shots taken for their various crimes against Mother Nature. Fortunately, Bonnie Plants supplies the tools and the know-how to give everyone a green thumb.

Unique Insight: People become more committed to something that they are psychologically connected to and invested in.

Example with Alabama Tourism: Our Alabama Tourism campaigns are based on two psychological insights: it‘s often the unplanned little moments that leave a lasting impression (as opposed to major sightseeing events), and people are more engaged by things that immerse all five senses. We leveraged these insights using videos with sensory experiences, interactive print, a custom 3D viewer, and creative out-of-home concepts:

Example with Toyota: In order to leverage this insight, we had people personalize their own vehicle using an interactive web form where they could select accessories, paint colors, and features. The participants were notified when a vehicle with those features was available, and their prior psychological commitment increased their trust and investment with the product.

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