Better science fuels better outcomes.

Using biometrics, the Intermark NeuroLab is a groundbreaking neuroscience-based system within our inventory of advertising insight solutions. Through the combined use of biometric modalities including Galvanic Skin Response (or GSR), Facial Expression Analysis (or FEA), and Eye Tracking Software, we gather subconscious viewer reactions.

Imagine expanding your brand testing beyond focus groups and surveys. Imagine being able to measure both the attention and emotional reactions of your customers.

Intermark’s NeuroLab makes it possible.

WEBINARCMO Challenge 2024: Customer Engagement

A recent meta-analysis of marketer sentiments across the nation showed customer engagement as a top concern amongst CMOs for 2024. For countless brands, customer experience is either building a bridge or driving a wedge between consumers ~ driving their ability to cross-sell, upsell, retain customers and more.

Join Intermark, the nation's largest psychology-driven advertising agency, on December 14 at 1PM CST as we explore the behavioral science behind maximizing your customer engagement strategy in the new year.

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