Advertising, marketing, and public relations are essential for every business. Whether you’re new and trying to build your reputation, or you’re an established brand trying to make some noise in an increasingly crowded advertising world, the experience and expertise from our marketing agency in Alabama can help you get there.

Our marketing psychology approach makes the difference

We’re not your everyday marketing company in Alabama. While many agencies rely solely on their creative capabilities, we go deeper. Our approach leverages behavioral sciences and marketing psychology to truly understand why your consumers make the decisions they do, which informs how we can best reach them with the right messages. But that’s not to say we lack creativity—our top-notch team of marketing professionals start with data and research, then transform it into a campaign that will delight you and your audience.

360-degree campaigns

Advertising and marketing are multi-dimensional. As consumers find new ways to interact with brands, our advertising agency in Alabama is always finding new ways to get your message out. From traditional ads that really leave an impression to interactive experiences that create viral success, we know how to create meaningful campaigns.

Our in-house team includes:

  • Marketing research and analytics
  • Strategic planning
  • Creative design
  • Video production
  • Public and media relations
  • Digital and interactive marketing

Marketing solutions for brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes

We know that your business is unlike any other out there, which is why you deserve a marketing campaign designed with your specific needs and goals in mind. Our process starts with an in-depth review of consumer insights and data, followed by a strategic planning session that incorporates unique empirical studies and predictive analytics. Unlike other agencies, we don’t focus on surface observations of what consumers have done or thought in the past, we look at how the data can predict what they might do next—and our consumer psychology approach will position your brand to take advantage of the trends that are on the horizon.

How can we help you?

No matter how big or small your company, or how big or small your project, our team can design the campaigns that will make a difference. We’ve designed hundreds of eye-catching campaigns to meet the needs of our roster of local, regional, and national clients, from the tourism industry and consumer goods to non-profit organizations, healthcare, and financial services.

Check out our online portfolio of work, then let us know how we can help build your brand.

WEBINARMixed Blessings of Artificial Intelligence: Human Judgment vs. AI

The advent of generative AI technologies like ChatGPT or Midjourney are revolutionizing how marketers conceive, create and deliver solutions for brands. But just how much can AI replicate? Where do psychology, human intelligence, emotional understanding, empathy, and complex social interactions fit within the expanding capabilities of AI? Join Intermark Group's next webinar as we explore the Mixed Blessings of Artificial Intelligence.

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