Strategic Marketing & Ad Planning

Strategic Marketing & Ad Planning

Great work cannot exist without a shrewd strategic insight and plan of action that will truly drive the brand’s communications. 

At Intermark, our strategic planning group can uncover insights and product truths through dozens of tools including consumer data research, empirical studies, and predictive analytics.

Consumer data research

At the center of any successful marketing campaign is data—information that provides insight into your consumers. At Intermark advertising agency, gathering relevant data is the first step in our strategic planning process. We start with broad information, like consumer segments and surveys, but we don’t stop there. We further refine your audience to identify specific habits and traits that might influence their decision-making processes. It’s an analytical approach taken to the next level.  

Empirical studies

Once the broader research is complete, our next step is reviewing empirical studies to get more qualitative insight into your consumers for better behavioral targeting. In this aspect, our focus is on human behaviors—the way people act, live, think, and talk—to uncover their specific pain points and challenges, which provides insight into the best approach for the campaign. This step goes beyond just looking at the numbers to reveal the human side of each person within a target market.

Predictive analytics

You’ve probably heard the term “big data” before, and perhaps you thought it was something that only large financial institutions or major software companies can use. In fact, the ability to leverage big data in marketing research can give you an edge in attracting new customers and building brand loyalty in your existing customers. It analyzes millions of individual consumer behavior data points to inform predictions of what your audience might do next. It helps you stay on the leading edge of trends before many of your competitors even know that trend exists.

Ultimately our goal as a marketing agency is to inspire creative solutions that will align with your business objectives, persuade your consumer, and build your brand.

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