I Did Not See That Coming

While it may not seem like it, simply thinking about what to cook for dinner or choosing which tv series you want to binge next both require some rather strenuous behind-the-scenes effort. Surprised? Read more →

The Ostrich Effect

There’s been a lot of debate on whether or not we’re in a recession. Heck…economists, political pundits, and Wikipedia can’t even agree on the definition of the word! Read more →

Feeling Financial Pain

What effect does the economy have on us psychologically? We’ve often heard the phrase “pain at the pump.” Monetary loss has long been associated with pain, albeit metaphorically. Read more →

The Scarcity Mindset

As marketers, when we hear the word “scarcity” the first thing we tend to think about is scarcity marketing – “Hurry in before they’re gone!”...“Only 3 left and they won’t last long!” Scarcity campaigns have been a popular and effective advertising tactic for decades. Read more →

The Economy and Its Impact on Consumer Behavior

Let’s face it – we’ve had to deal with a lot of uncertainty over the last two years. As if a global pandemic, supply chain issues, inflation, soaring gas prices, and a war in Ukraine weren’t enough, the hits keep coming. Read more →

Price (In)sensitivity

You hear it on the news. You see it in the grocery store. You feel it at the gas pump. Inflation is dominating everyone’s economic concerns, including brands that have had to increase the costs of their own goods and services to cover more expensive supplies and cost-of-living pay increases for employees. Read more →

Brand Awareness is More Important Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Literally. When you think about how you do things now – work, shop, eat, socialize, raise your kids, travel – is there any aspect of your life that hasn’t changed since early 2020? Read more →

Patience is a Virtue in Marketing

We’ve all heard many times throughout our lives that patience is a virtue. Although the proverb is often recited, it’s rarely adhered to. Humans are impatient by nature and with more things readily available for immediate consumption, that impatience only seems to be growing. Read more →