Streaming: Everybody’s Doing It?

Over 2/3 of TV and video watched by Millennials and GenXers is accounted for by non-traditional methods, meaning smartphones and streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV, etc). Read more →

Who’s Watching Cable?

Sports fans and older-aged adults still turn to cable. Live sports are credited with saving cable amongst the younger and middle-aged adults. Read more →

Is CBS Dropping Nielsen?

CBS is usually making news headlines about leading in ratings and viewership, but their headlines now are about a move that could threaten their ability to even talk about their ratings leadership. 

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The Psychology of Negotiating Media

Media planning and buying involve psychology in a wide variety of ways, from understanding the motivation of consumers to better target their interests, to influencing co-workers and clients...

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Breaking In Is Hard to Do

Make the most of your college experience and don’t be afraid to do something that your peers aren’t doing. It might be what puts you ahead of the hundreds of other applicants in the end.

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What an Experience

If I were to describe this summer’s internship in one word, it would be “experience.” As a college graduate, I am extremely thankful for the education I received from Auburn University, but there was nothing quite like having the real-world experience from Intermark Group.

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