Red Diamond


Coffee brewed at home just doesn’t seem as special as a customized Café Grande from Starbucks, so this grocery perennial would have to bring a bigger sense of the outside world of coffee to their in-home brews.


Red Diamond has been a brand of tea and coffee that Alabamians have loved and trusted for over 100 years. But folks were so familiar with it they couldn’t see the forest for the teas. A new line of products was created to update the brand’s image. And we followed suit with a new communications plan that did so, too.  

Brand Strategy: A whole new world of hot beverages can now be part of your home through Red Diamond.

Creative Idea: From the packaging to the advertising, Intermark helped Red Diamond update its image. The new menu of products received completely new packaging, a new ad campaign and a bigger media buy on TV. All this demonstrated how contemporary Red Diamond was with their modern mochas, the latest in lattes and new sensations in single-serve sizes.

Market Results: Sales perked up by 20 percent in the first year alone. And the successful launch of Red Diamond’s new products ensured that the brand would be starting off the next hundred years bright-eyed and seizing the day.