Social Influencers vs. the Meta-Analysis

By: Dr. James McFarland, People Scientist I know we’ve covered the value of social media and impact of influencers in the past, but the release of a new meta-analysis on this topic brings fresh insights and evidence to the table. So we’re revisiting this subject to ensure marketing and brand leaders – like you – are well … Continued Read more →

Game On: The Power of Gamification in Modern Marketing

By: Dr. James McFarland, People Scientist In today’s fast-paced digital world, capturing and maintaining the attention of consumers is no easy feat. Traditional marketing strategies are evolving to fit this modern landscape, and businesses are seeking innovative ways to engage their audience. Enter gamification – a powerful tool that leverages the principles of game design … Continued Read more →

The Power of Touch

By: Dr. James McFarland, People Scientist This week we are going to talk about physical touch. No, wait. That sounds cringey. I mean, we are going to explore the incredible power that touch has over us as human beings… Hmmm, that didn’t help. Let’s just say physical touch can play a safe, constructive, and legitimate role in your marketing strategy.  As part of the Sensory Marketing arsenal, physical touch and experiential marketing campaigns can help inform and transport consumers along their purchasing journeys, … Continued Read more →

CMO Minute: Marketing and Consumer Trends in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic spread throughout the world in 2020 and changed many aspects of people’s lives. Each individual was impacted in multiple ways spanning across the education, health care, shopping, travel, and entertainment industries.  Overall, the pandemic resulted in an acceleration of many pre-existing societal trends. For example, online education grew, and telehealth and telemedicine … Continued Read more →