By: Former Employee, Kassidy Abernathy

When a surprise package arrives at the front desk, and you know it’s food from a vendor:

Those times you open an excel file, and the contents are so confusing you’re like:

Whoops! Those times when you’re negotiating rates, a vendor agrees right away, and you realize you could’ve gone lower:

When a campaign is going live on Wednesday, but you’re calm because it’s only Tues…—NOPE! IT’S WEDNESDAY:

All those times you come up with a great creative idea, but no one listens because you’re a “numbers” guy:

When you create an innovative, solid media plan, and then the budget gets cut and ruins everything:

When other departments in the office start lurking around trying to enjoy all the free snacks your vendors sent, the ones you worked so hard for:

When you’re trying to invoice a buy, and the numbers just aren’t adding up like they’re supposed to:

When people ask what a Media Planner even does…?

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