By: Julie LaForce, Account Service

Fall is here, and after we retire our spooky masks and cobweb décor, it will be time for Thanksgiving. Even though the focus of this holiday is eating turkey and dressing (or stuffing, depending on where you’re from), technically it is supposed to be about giving thanks, or so the name implies.

Working at an ad agency, I have many things to be thankful for in regard to my job. But, here are my top three reasons I’m thankful to work at an ad agency.

  1. Weirdness is praised. At any normal job, being a little weird, per say, can be detrimental to fitting in at the office. However, at an ad agency it’s considered cool. You decorated your cube to reflect your love of okra? How awesome and fun! “She must be really good at her job — being so creative and all.”
  2. The environment. Professional? Yes. Stuffy? No way. I walk into work feeling relaxed, at ease, eager to work hard. It is an environment conducive to creativity and productivity without the feeling of a high-pressure, corporate office. (The fact that there is free food in the kitchen practically every day helps this feeling.)
  3. It is different every day. I never know what the day will look like when I pour my coffee each morning. Yes, I have scheduled meetings to attend and daily tasks that need to be completed, but beyond that — anything could happen! A client might call requesting that we send a spaceship to advertise on the moon (unrealistic, but it could happen). I could be a part of the most brilliant ad campaign strategy in history. Or, I might find a free slice of chocolate cake in the kitchen (see previous paragraph about frequent free food). I like to call it structured chaos.

So, as you can see, I am thankful to work at an ad agency for multiple reasons. Mainly because it’s not like a regular job. It’s a cool job. 🙂 

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