History Channel


People think history is ancient, boring and completely irrelevant to their lives, so getting them to watch a channel devoted to it would require a more relatable modern approach.


History is dry and boring, right? Especially to millennials, who find it utterly irrelevant to their current lives. Intermark partnered with the History cable channel to turn their network into a more meaningful destination for viewers by creating a campaign that places surprising historical facts within a context to which the younger generation could relate.

Brand Strategy: Show how the past is relevant to people’s experiences today by finding fun, fascinating facts from history that serve as a conduit to the type of entertaining and educational programs they’ll find on the new H2 network.

Creative Idea: Intermark’s approach was to find the strangest and most intriguing facts from history and demonstrate how they are relatable by today’s standards of living. Napoleon may have been a fearless conqueror, but cats scared the crap out of him. Those who aren’t “cat people” could relate to that, couldn’t they? Facts like that would amuse and be relatable in a clever print and OOH campaign that would force consumers to look at history in a different way. And thus, they’d look at the History cable channel in a different way, too.

Market Results: The image of History 2 became more hip and modern and increased its desired demographic share by 15 percent in the first month of running the ads.